Art Experience

Hospitality and contemporary art in Rome

Combining art and hospitality, our goal is to offer our guests a distinctive and exceptional service:

Dedicating our space to Modern Art, we aim at facilitating a real interaction between the creativity of each artist and the rooms.

Under the artistic direction of Emmeotto, we have carefully selected Italian and international artists, whose works make the atmosphere of Relais Rione Ponte special and sophisticated.

Welcome to a unique, elegant and inviting boutique guest house.

Emmeotto Arte is a contemporary art gallery housed in Palazzo Taverna, a 15th-century historic building in the deep roots of Rome, in the very heart of Rione Ponte, between Piazza Navona and Castel Sant Angelo.
Throughout the centuries, Palazzo Taverna has been the backdrop for historic and cultural events, as well as an important meeting place for Italian and international artists and intellectuals. These days, contemporary art still animates the palace in the large rooms of the Emmeotto, into a unique and suggestive place, where the past and the present are in dialogue with each other.
As well as hosting a heterogeneous range of artistic activities, Emmeotto creates curatorial projects and organises art events to add value contemporary art, both inside and outside the gallery of Palazzo Taverna, in a context where works and space are in dialogue with each other.

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