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11 de Octubre, 2022 - 13 de Septiembre 2023

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Las muestras de arte contemporáneas en el Relais Rione Ponte se han llevado a cabo desde su apertura en Febrero del  2014.

El primer proyecto "Destroyed Rooms" a cura de Virginia Colonna e 4Start fue inaugurado en Mayo del 2014.


7 Marzo, 2020 -  Dicembre , 2020

Cuando ves, por primera vez, las obras de Arianna Matta, la reacción es todo menos que racional, a pesar de la pintura refinada y del estudiado equilibrio de la técnica, lo que te cautiva es la emoción sin fronteras, inmediatamente impresionados por el diálogo que se establece en completa libertad de pensamientos y sentimientos.

BANKERI | Nothing but Flowers

18 Septembre 2019 - 31 January  2020

Relais Rione Ponte, in collaboration with Emmeotto gallery, inaugurates the 2019/2020 exhibition season with the new layout of the spaces that will be divided between suites and rooms, which will host works by the artists of the previous exhibitions and of the permanent collection of the Relais (Barbara Salvucci, Renzo Bellanca, Keziat, Desiderio, Andreas Senorer) to confirm the continuity of the artistic project carried out in recent years, and the common areas that will see temporary exhibitions alternating.

EVITA ANDUJAR - ANDREA PINCHI Dell'Amore, dei miti e dei miti personali

February 12th to June 7th, 2019

The myth of Cupid and Psyche is one of the most beautiful love stories ever. It was the Latin writer Apuleio to recount it in his "The Golden Ass" in the 2nd century AD. The metaphor of the eternal dichotomy between rationality and instinct, between heart and mind, has inspired the greatest writers, poets and artists. It is impossible not to think of one of the most sublime achievements in the history of art: the sculpture Amore e Psiche by Antonio Canova. And it is from here that the common thread of Evita Andújar and Andrea Pinchi's double solo show unfolds on 12 February at Relais Rione Ponte in collaboration with Emmeotto Arte. Intervening on the mention of Canovian memory, the two artists reinterpret, in four hands, Cupid and Psyche,


September 17, 2018 - February 4th, 2019

Relais Rione Ponte, in collaboration with Emmeotto Gallery presents the solo exhibition The Journey by the artist Renzo Bellanca. On show works realized in recent years, new production and site specific interventions where some themes that characterize the artist's production are found and rediscovered: the interpretation of the material, the idea of ​​stratigraphy, the overlapping of physical, emotional and mental elements, the contamination between experience, present and memory that give life to History and the line of Time, mythology, travel.


February 28th to July 2nd , 2018

Relais Rione Ponte, in collaboration with Emmeotto Gallery, is pleased to present the exhibition Contemporary Experience. This celebrates the tenth exhibition project within Spazio Arte, a reality that brings together contemporary art and guests of the boutique hotel in the frame of the historical center of Rome, a few steps from Piazza Navona, as well as the fourth anniversary of its opening. The elegant location and refined rooms of Relais Rione Ponte on the second floor of a seventeenth century building are the ideal place to host works of art by Italian and International artists in a sophisticated atmosphere where people can interact with the contemporary creativity. The guests become, in their room and common areas, active

SKIN by Barbara Salvucci

November 14, 2017 to 27 February 2018

Relais Rione Ponte, in cooperation with Emmeotto Gallery, is pleased to present the SKIN exhibition project by the artist Barbara Salvucci. Barbara Salvucci’s research comes alive from experimentation on matter, a field of multiple compositional possibilities where the result changes depending on the used technique. The elegant space and refined rooms of Relais Rione Ponte are the ideal place to host works made on different media such as paper, damask cloth, zinc, bronze and video.

Abstract Configurations by Marco Angelini

March 8 - June 26 2017

Relais Rione Ponte, in collaboration with Emmeotto gallery, is pleased to announce the exhibition project by the artist Marco Angelini titled Abstract Configurations.

Material and colors are intertwined, space acquires, via the withdrawal method object, a third dimension that catches the eye and it is stated as a logical continuity between figuration and abstraction, the eternal conflict that carries with any explicit representation of the tangible world.


30 November, 2016 - 28 February, 2017

In Atlas, Ego Imago Mundi is the ego of the artist, Luca Di Luzio, and his new human atlas, where a new relationship between the body and the world is established. Atlas puts the man in the position of redefining his place in space, not adapting to it, but shaping it in his own image. Land surface area with lakes and islands, mountains, rivers and boundaries are generated by the artis through the spontaneity of a resolute and docile gesture. The points of Atlas’ maps are the sign of the impression of the artist's body on paper. The Atlas project by Luca Di Luzio started simultaneously with "Magnetic Declination", curatorial proposal of White Noise Gallery for Set-Up Fair 2016.

Curator: Studio Pivot

Gaze Out

1 March - 1 December 2016

Still life pop, black and white, portraits, architectural details, memories, colors and shapes: all that you can see and process when you start to gaze out. Reality in its fullness and contradictions is told through the lens of 11 young photographers, from the point of view of a young person. Young but at the beginning of an exploration and research which will last a lifetime. Giulia Brena, Eleonora Cerri Pecorella, Eugenia de Petra, Julia Hautojärvi, Chiara Lombardi, Marika Moretti, Valerio Pasquazi, Martina Roncaioli, Davide Spiridione, Alessia Stranieri e Xueying Zhuang are the 11 young photographers who take the spotlight in the exhibition GAZE OUT. They are all students at RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts, selected by the equally young itinerant gallery and study of cultural production - Studio Pivot.

“Hybrids” - Keziat

13 September 2015 - 10 November 2015

"Drawings on paper, canvas, made with the simplicity of a pen, video animations and video installations that shows the constant presence of observers media; these are only some of the expressive ways which Keziat uses to unveil her ‘magical tale”. Amalia di Lanno “The reinventing of reality by Keziat doesn’t claim likelihood, rather it offers fantastic shelters to ponder over daily life often too arid and schizophrenic.” Emanuela De Notariis Curator: Barbara Pavan

Sleepless nights - Andreas Sononer, Mitja Ficko & Yuliya Lanina

20 January 2015 - 4 November 2015

The exhibition explores the surreal, dreamlike and fairytale imagery of the work of three international artists: Andreas Senoner, Mitja Ficko e Yuliya Lanina.‘Sleepless Nights’ is a night journey through the rooms of Relais Rione Ponte, which shifts from the disturbing humanity of the sacral wooden figures by Andrea Senoner to the visionary and pop mystical landscapes of Slovenian artist Mitja Ficko’s paintings and works on paper; the characters of Russian Yuliya Lanina’s films and hand-drawn animations are informed by Russian fairy tales and Greek mythology and explores stories that reach back into primordial memories. Curator: 4Start & Martina Fortuni

Versus - Desiderio & Cristiano Carotti

20 May 2014 - 18 January 2015

With this exhibition Cristiano Carotti and Desiderio inaugurate an artistic path that will lead them to contrast themselves in various artistic experiences. They are brought together by a non predictable poetic, their artistic research often blends sarcasm and irreverence with the noble aim to make people think and never fall into trivial controversy.

Curator: 4Start

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